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59 Incredibly Cool Hairstyles For Thin Hair

Hairstyles for thin hair are not so easy to create, and all owners of this type of hair are aware of that. Of course, you want it to be much thicker. But there is no need to worry about that because all you need is the right hairstyle. You will totally love this collection of hairstyles because all of them are really versatile.

Incredibly Cool Hairstyles For Thin Hair


Updo Hairstyles For Thin Hair

Updos have an approach to any hair type, and when it comes to thin locks, they work wonders bringing tons of visual volume. In fact, you don’t need to spend hours to turn your thin mane into a voluminous masterpiece.

Twisted Low Ponytail

Twisted Low Ponytail

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There’s no better way to enhance the beauty of your hair than to wear a ponytail accompanied by some twists or braids. The truth is, the only things you need are to loosen your pony, tousling it a bit, and to pull the edges of your braided or twisted elements. That’s how you can make it fuller!

High Ponytail Hairstyles For Thin Hair

High Ponytail Hairstyles For Thin Hair #hairstylesforthinhair #hairstyles #thinhair #hairtype #ponytail

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When you’re about to flaunt with a ponytail, it should be all about the lifted crown and volumizing textures! Actually, this simple hairdo gives you a lot of room for creativity, so anything you’d like to add to it will work perfectly. Just don’t forget to play around with waves and the top: make them as gross as possible.

Low Messy Ponytail With Headband

Low Messy Ponytail With Headband

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The messier, the better! Long, layered, and messy, who could ask for more? Moreover, when a hairdo embraces all these three iconic characteristics, there’s no chance for thin hair looks but to pass away.

Twists Into Ponytails

Twists Into Ponytails #hairstylesforthinhair #hairstyles #ponytail #thinhair

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Besides the super attractive visual side of this updo, there’s a slight touch of layers added to the cut. Even the slightest layering or feathering the ends will whip your thin hair into shape, which will be better than one layer of hair. Of course, twisting the top section into a ponytail will also give you a lot of fullness.

Five Strand Braid Hairstyles For Thin Hair

Five Strand Braid Hairstyles For Thin Hair #thinhair #hairtypes

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The timeless five strand braid that incorporates all of your hair in a glorious, feminine, and broad braided masterpiece is another idea to beat thin hair. The second strand crosses the third one, the forth goes over the second, the first over the forth, and the fifth over the first: this is how it says goodbye to flat looks!

Twists Into Pony

Twists Into Pony #thinhair #hairtypes

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Turns out that waves look their best when accompanied by twists. As a matter of fact, wearing twisted hairstyles are another way to achieve a more voluminous silhouette. Twists are quite flexible, so you can always pull them to give a fuller appearance.

This simple, yet significant hairstyle is a glamorous combination of twists and waves that turn into a ponytail. Just create lots of little thin waves with your mane and twist them into a pony. Don’t forget about texturizing products, as the defined finish is the highlight of the look.

Wavy Pigtails Hairstyles For Thin Hair

Wavy Pigtails Hairstyles For Thin Hair #thinhair #hairtypes

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As you can see, a long mane doesn’t always outweigh the ends or produce a flat look. With the right approach to styling your long locks, you can reveal the volumetric pattern you never knew you had.

Of course, you can’t do without waves – a large curling iron is a must for those with fine long hair. Some layers at the ends will also be a nice touch, as it will make the edges of your waves more lively and carefree, especially at the front. Split your mane into two, and tie each section into a loose pigtail. For a burst of volume, pull the ponytails gently, securing them with hairspray in the end.

Q: How do you make thin hair look thicker?

A: On short hair, you can easily build a denser look with thick layers and tousled finish at the crown. As for longer manes, large messy waves styled into loose ponytails and finished with pulled edges will do the trick.

Messy Twisted Low Bun

Messy Twisted Low Bun #bun #updo #thinhair

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Want to find a hairdo that will deal with thinner locks in minutes? Then don’t look any further than the messy twisted bun hairstyle. A bit of messiness will volume up your hair all over the ‘do, and soft waves that twist into a low bun will embellish the back of your head perfectly.

Low Bun With A Twist-Away Crown

Low Bun With A Twist-Away Crown

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What can be easier than twisting two strands, pulling them a bit, and wrapping them into a low updo? A hairstyle that features such elements can easily turn into a volumetric style just with the help of simple tricks: thickening the strands visually with your fingers; that’s it!

Updo Hairstyle With Accessories

Updo Hairstyle With Accessories

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Some fancy accessories also won’t hurt your updo! On the contrary, they can make it look even more fascinating and help the added volume stay in place all day long. Whether you go for a high, posh updo or a low hairstyle with a tousled crown, hair accessories will double the fullness, securing your hair.

Low Messy Chignon Updo Hairstyles For Thin Hair

Low Messy Chignon Updo Hairstyles For Thin Hair

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Who says that popular chignon updos can only be done on fine, thick hair? And no, this style has no extensions installed; it’s not magic, just a sleight of hand. Once you do a low chignon updo and pull little sections one by one, you’ll see the difference.

Easy Hairstyle For Thinning Crown

Easy Hairstyle For Thinning Crown

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If you are looking for easy hairstyles for women with thinning crown, this messy bun is very cute and playful.

Tie your hair in a loose low ponytail and make a low knot at the nape of your neck. Then pull out some loose tendrils to make give it a carefree vibe.

This is one of the easiest hairstyles for those with fine tresses. And what makes it even prettier are the light auburn and honey brown streaks that add a ton of depth and dimension to this super cute messy hairstyle.

Low Bun For Medium Length Hair

Low Bun For Medium Length Hair #updo #bun #thinhair

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The best thing is that most volumizing hairstyles for thin hair are absolutely easy to do. You don’t need to spend hours trying to make the fullness stay; let backcombing do the talking, and even the simplest low bun will look amazing.

Braided Side Bun Hairstyles For Thin Hair

Braided Side Bun Hairstyles For Thin Hair #hairstylesforthinhair #hairstyles #thinhair #hairtype #bunhairstyle

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You know that braids can be a perfect base for thin hair styling as you can thicken your locks in seconds. So why don’t add them to your stylish side bun? The variety of texture in hairstyles for thin hair is to die for, especially if you can always make your style even bigger.

Braided Crown For Long Hair

Braided Crown For Long Hair #thinhair #hairtypes

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Sometimes it’s hard to believe that such thick-looking and textured hairstyles are quick to put together. But it’s true! A fishtail braid that goes all over your crown and falls on your dimensional waves is enough to make your hair look that lush.

Updo With Headband Hairstyles For Thin Hair

Updo With Headband Hairstyles For Thin Hair #thinhair #hairtypes

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When you are short of time but still want your hair to be on point, updos are the best choice. You can wave your hair, leave some strands out of the style, and create a messy, disheveled ‘do with a textured finish. Pull some of the hairs to create a carefree look and put the icing on the cake – a headband that will give tons of volume to the crown.

Q: What can I do for fine hair?

A: Try incorporating volumizing shampoo and conditioners into your styling routine to boost volume in your fine and thin hair. Also, find a volumizing dry shampoo to keep up the good look between washes. As for styling, make sure to rub everything in your hands and apply all products with your fingers to half-dry hair.

Half-Up Hairstyles For Thin Hair

Wearing all your hair up is by no means the only way to amp up your thin locks! When you want to make your texture appear thicker visually while still showing off the length, the hottest half-ups we’ve prepared come in!

Half-Up Ponytail

Half-Up Ponytail

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Believe it or not, several bobby pins or slides can give you a truly effortless and volume-boosting hairstyle! You just need to set your ponytail very high and pull the crown so that it appears bigger. Secure your top with accessories and pull the hair around them for a better effect.

Versatile Twisted Half Up Hairstyles For Thin Hair

Versatile Twisted Half Up Hairstyles For Thin Hair #halfup #thinhair

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Let’s make each element of hairstyles for thin hair more outstanding and distinctive! Try beautifying your hair with big, voluminous twists, tucking the ends softly. You can be creative and get yourself both an half-up or updo hairstyle: variability is priceless!

Twisted Half-Up With Top Pulled Back

Twisted Half-Up With Top Pulled Back #halfup

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For those who prefer long length hairstyles, opt for a longer cut with long layers throughout to add some depth to your thinner tresses.

You can wear your hair in fun half-up hairstyles like the one shown here. The pretty caramel brown highlights on the darker base give it a pretty multi tonal look and feel if you want to make your hair look fuller. Bonus points if you have naturally wavy hair as it really makes this half up hairdo pop!

Half Up Messy Hairstyle

Half Up Messy Hairstyle

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We can’t leave you without hairstyles for thin hair that you can wear for some special occasions! This idea will not only save your time but also will give a stunning hairdo that won’t let thin hair spoil your party. The charm of tousled locks and simple, yet glaring twists; isn’t that perfect?

Twisted Half Up Hairstyle With Accessories

Twisted Half Up Hairstyle With Accessories #hairstylesforthinhair #hairstyles #thinhair #hairtype #halfuphairstyle

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Festive hairstyles are all about the dramatic crowns, beautiful hair embellishments, and gorgeous waves! This tradition adds a lot of glamorous sense to your style, which is always a good thing for big-day looks. Accessorize your voluminous twists to take your look to the next level!

Faux-Hawk Upstyle

Faux Hawk Upstyle #thinhair #hairtypes

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How about one more hairstyle that you can always make fuller? The best thing about this style lies in its versatility in terms of hair types: it looks chic on everyone. As for your thinner locks, you can pull them gently and coat their full shape with hairspray once you turn them into a hawk. For a balanced look, pull the crown too, and wave your hair to add some bounce to the bottom.

Floral Wavy Half-Up With Balayage

Floral Wavy Half Up With Balayage #thinhair #hairtypes

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Waves can be different. You can make them tight and defined or loose and thin. Apart from that, you can mix curls with waves and find a happy medium between these two. For example, your waves can start with a classic wavy pattern and end like ringlets, just like in this pic.

When some special even requires you to look your best, you can recreate this amazing hairstyle. Wave your hair with a curling wand, loosening the curls so that they turn into waves. Then, create a couple of floral twists on the crown, securing them with bobby pins. Balayage won’t hurt the look too!

Q: Is balayage good for thin hair?

A: Balayage color technique makes the hair color appear dimensional, which can also make the whole texture look thicker.

Braids Hairstyles For Thin Hair

Not only are braids the most versatile and feminine hairstyles of all time but they’re also a fantastic weapon against thin hair! Whether you’ve been wearing braids your whole life with thin looks as a result or you’d like to discover the variety of modern braided styles, these ideas are your musts.

Double Dutch Braids

Double Dutch Braids

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If you’re wondering how a stand-out hairstyle looks like, this idea is the answer. The super full double Dutch braids hairstyle is another proof that thin hair isn’t a catastrophe; it just needs a braided approach!

Voluminous Pull Through Side Braid

Voluminous Pull Through Side Braid #thinhair #hairtypes

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Girls who are familiar with pull-through braids know that they always look unbearably full, regardless of one’s hair type. An inverted braid, created on the side, is your chance to make your hair show up in a new, fine and lifted light.

Long Bubble Braid Hairstyles For Thin Hair

Don’t forget that you can make your hair look fuller with the right choice of braided hairstyle. Instead of tight styles that lie close to the scalp, opt for something that consists of various twists or bubbles. This long bubble braid is not just voluminous by design, it also allows you to pull the strands and make them look even fuller.

Bob With Pull-Through Braid Hairstyles For Thin Hair

Bob With Pull Through Braid #thinhair #hairtypes

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A pull-through braid isn’t meant for long hair only! If you work with smaller strands and form a braid that cascades to one side, you will be able to beautify your bob with any type of braid possible. Here, the pulled edges of a side braid add a burst of volume to its chic pointed structure. As you can see from this pic, there’s no need to change your haircut when you need to add some volumetric finish to it; just turn on your creativity.

Pink Bushel Braids

Pink Bushel Braids #thinhair #hairtypes

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Bushel braids seem to have the power of building volume out of nothing! Their full, distinctive, and volumetric shape can take even the thinnest hair to the next level, that’s for sure. Although this style will take some time to get it mastered, it will worth all your time and effort.

Do you see how many edges these braids have? Now, imagine how much volume you can bring to the look once you pull every single one! Needless to say, a smooth pastel pink shade makes this hairstyle look like a magazine cover.

Side Fishtail Braid Hairstyles For Thin Hair

Side Fishtail Braid Hairstyles For Thin Hair

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Braids have always been around for their ravishing versatility and diversity. By the way, do you know that you can braid your hair, no matter how short or thin it is? The good old braided texture has an approach to every woman, and you won’t be an exception.

Although this side fishtail braid is only the beginning of how you can work on your thin hair, it’s a perfect idea to view your locks from a new perspective. It can be either a full braid or a half-up; the point is to pull every edge of your braid to create more visual volume.

Braided Bob

Braided Bob #thinhair #hairtypes

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We weren’t joking when we told you that you can braid any length possible! This pic is also a proof for the mesmerizing versatility of braids: here, it serves as a posh embellishment to a festive hairdo. However, besides looking like an accessory, this braided element also contributes to the volume in this hairstyle.

Since it’s an asymmetrical bob, its side looks flat against the heavy portion. To add more visual volume and texture to the side, you can create a simple loose braid. Oh, and don’t forget to pull the edges, as that’s the best way to benefit from braids.

Braided Pixie Hairstyles For Thin Hair

Braided Pixie #thinhair #hairtypes

Credit photo:

Remember how many times you complained to yourself, standing in front of the mirror and asking “why is my hair so thin?”. The truth is, there are no bad hair types; there are wrong hairstyles. All you need to do is to embrace your hair and find a perfect hairstyle that works best for your texture.

Here’s what you will definitely love! If you separate off the top section of your long pixie and braid it all the way down, you will reveal all the volumetric potential of your hair. Spritz the style with hairspray, and pull the edges. Trust us, you will fall in love with your hair once you give it a try.

Double Fishtail Braids

Double Fishtail Braids

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Fishtail braids have a very detailed structure, and that means only one thing: you can volumize them all. Create two fishtails, styling them as loosely as possible. For a thicker effect, apply some dry shampoo to your strands. Once the style is ready, start pulling the edges until they all look full and dense. A little bit of tousling will also add some charm to this style.

You will love this hairstyle for two simple reasons. First, no one will ever tell that you have thin hair. Second, you can flaunt with the look for a couple of days, giving it touch-ups with dry shampoo.

Bubble Braid For Long Hair

Bubble Braid For Long Hair #thinhair #hairtypes

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When braids look too complicated, bubble braids hairstyles come in! While being the easiest type of braid, this plait gives a mesmerizing appearance to the hair. To try this style, you can create a continuous topsy tail with pulled edges. Or, you can simply place some elastics on a ponytail and pull the hair so that the sections between the ties have a bubbled shape.

We recommend you to make this braid as a half-up, as, in this way, you will have some room for waves. Wave the rest of your hair to make your hair voluminous from every angle.

Down Hairstyles For Thin Hair

Even when wearing all your hair down, you still make it look fuller and thicker. Of course, it’s all about the right approach to the texture of your hair, as well as the structure of your haircut. Now, you’re going to reveal them all!

Side Swept Curly Hairstyle

Side Swept Curly Hairstyle

Credit photo:

The magical power of side swept silhouettes is exactly what you need to make your hair look more voluminous. When one side slightly outweighs the other, it gives the effect of incredible thickness to your hairstyle. Curls, as well as waves, styled in an updo and secured with pins, will nicely complement the volumetric look.

Long Bob With Deep Side Part

Long Bob With Deep Side Part #hairstylesforthinhair #hairstyles #thinhair #hairtype #mediumhair

Credit photo:

We think this sexy shag cut is with a deep side part is a great way to add some bounce to your thin hair. Haircuts for thin hair do not have to be boring. A deep side part is very sultry and a great way to catch the eye of any man.

This look with choppy layered medium hair is so sexy and the pretty rose gold hues make this look even more fun and flirty.

Pixie Cut With Undercut

Pixie Cut With Undercut #hairstylesforthinhair #hairstyles #thinhair #hairtype #pixiecut

Credit photo:

Another fun look for thin short hairstyles Is this adorable undercut pixie! If you want a look that is pretty much get up and go, a pixie cut is ideal! Of course, you will have to get it trimmed every few weeks to maintain that sexy style, but we promise you that it’s worth the effort! Add in some silvery blonde hues and you’ll be the talk of the town!

Asymmetrical Short Bob Haircut

Asymmetrical Short Bob Haircut #hairstylesforthinhair #hairstyles #thinhair #hairtype

Credit photo:

For those who prefer short haircuts for thin hair, why not go with a sassy short bob? Short hairstyles for thinning hair are a great way to add fullness and texture the thinner hair. A short asymmetrical bob like the one shown here is very much in demand right now. They are not only trendy but also extremely low maintenance. If you want an edgy cut that is still fun and playful, this looks for you!

Blonde Bob For Thin Hair

Blonde Bob For Thin Hair

Credit photo:

If you are ready to trade in your long locks for a sexy new style, this blonde bob is one of the most popular hairstyles 2018 short. Short length hairstyles can make you look and feel years younger, as well as help to highlight your gorgeous facial features. At the same time, a bob is one of the most popular options for a hairstyle for thin hair. The pretty blonde on a dark base adds depth and dimension to this super cute sassy short bob.

Long Side Swept Bangs Hairstyles For Thin Hair

Long Side Swept Bangs #thinhair #hairtypes

Credit photo:

Medium layered hairstyles are a great way to add volume to thin hair. Choppy layers throughout like the ones pictured here add a ton of volume and give your fine locks a much-needed lift.

As well, medium layered hair with bangs is very in right now. This style is super cute with its flirty fringe and pretty washed-out, blonde hues.

Angled Bob Haircut

Angled Bob Haircut #thinhair #hairtypes

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Medium shoulder-length haircuts are highly versatile and very stylish. You still have the ability to wear them in a cute updo or half updo if you so desire.

This angled bob haircut is a great way to add depth and dimension to your thinner locks. And what is prettier than a soft blend of buttery blonde hues like the ones pictured here.

Ask your stylish a graduated bob with longer face framing layers to give this pretty cut a bit of a flirty vibe.

Balayage On Wavy Lob

Balayage On Wavy Lob #thinhair #hairtypes

Credit photo:

If you prefer a lob haircut, ask for a shoulder length cut with long bangs. Side swept bangs are all the rage right now as they are very playful and sexy.

A long bob looks especially pretty with some cool and warm brown balayage tones like the one shown here. Balayage techniques are very stylish and a great way to add some dimension to your fine hair.

Rooty Blonde Bob

Rooty Blonde Bob #thinhair #hairtypes

Credit photo:

If you are looking for medium length hairstyles that have a bit of an edgy, this asymmetrical layered bob could be right up your alley.

The pretty pale blonde ombre fade that starts with dark roots is so much fun but we think the uneven choppy layers really make this short and sassy lob stand out from the crowd.

Middle Part Wavy Long Hair

Middle Part Wavy Long Hair #thinhair #hairtypes

Credit photo:

Middle part seems to be the best weapon for thin hair problems. The point is that you can create an illusion of a fuller chevelure by bringing all your onto your chest. And once you create a center part on wavy hair, you’ll forget about the thin-hair reflection in the mirror.

Bob With Flipped Ends And Headband

Bob With Flipped Ends And Headband

Credit photo:

As it turns out, the best way to deal with hair that tends to fall flat is to style it flat! As weird as it sounds, in fact, you can put an end to the unpleasant flat look by getting the most of it with the help of a shiny finish.

Once you coat your hair with a shiny styling product, you will make its density more consistent and balanced. Make sure to condition your hair before styling, as it will make it more manageable for styling. Flipped ends will not only add some flirty vibes to the look but they will also balance out the whole look with their turned tips.

Middle-Parted Pastel Pink Bob

Middle Parted Pastel Pink Bob #thinhair #hairtypes

Credit photo:

By parting your hair to the middle, you distribute your length evenly, which helps to build the needed balance for your fine hair. Of course, the middle part itself won’t bring you tons of volume and visual movement, but it’s a crucial detail when styling thinner locks.

What makes this look so alive and volumetric is a slight touch of waves on the layered bob. Ask your stylist to layer only the top part of your hair: that’s enough to amp up the whole mane. Needless to say, this pastel pink shade is just the icing on the cake.

Textured Inverted Bob

Textured Inverted Bob #thinhair #hairtypes

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An inverted structure is not only a fantastic idea to breathe character into your look but also to amp up your fine locks. Of course, when fighting the troublesome flat hair looks, inverted haircuts never come alone: textured styling is the best weapon.

Also, when getting this type of bob, make sure to ask your hairstylist for soft layering on the top half of your hair. In this way, your texture will become more manageable for styling, which will allow you for super-defined and volumetric textured hairstyles.

Q: What hairstyle is the best for thin hair?

A: Anything that adds more bounce and texture to your hair will do just great. Soft waves tousled with your fingers are the most accessible and universally effective style. Stock on good quality texturizing products like curl foams and salt sprays to give your hair a textured finish.

Blunt Middle-Parted Lob

Blunt Middle Parted Lob #thinhair #hairtypes

Credit photo:

If you prefer classic one-length haircuts, the right parting is what will help you to keep the balance. For thin hair, it’s crucial to spread all the hair evenly so that the volumetric styling hits every single inch of your locks. Since a lob is perfectly leveled, it will look radiant once you distribute its texture evenly.

As for the volume, nothing will work better than a comfy round brush and volumizing products. Prep your hair with foam designed to lift the roots, and then go on to dry your hair. Pay close attention when working with the roots, applying some heat and tension in an upward motion.

Long Textured Pixie

Long Textured Pixie #thinhair #hairtypes

Credit photo:

There’s nothing like a long pixie when it comes to fine manes. First off, this type of pixie is short enough to keep the length lifted and long enough to allow for various styling options. Second, it’s unbearably stylish. Here, the pixie is well-defined with a smooth taper on the back and finished with a lively texture of soft layers throughout the crown. If you have layers in your thin short hair, you’re free to experiment with endless cool hairstyles for thin hair. The best thing is, all of them will take minutes, as this is the most versatile cut ever.

Q: Is shorter hair better for thin hair?

A: Definitely, yes! Short hair preserves natural volume in your hair, which you can always enhance with the movement of layers. In general, thin hair looks bad because of the extra weight of the tresses, so keeping it short will help you get the most of it.

Stacked Textured Layers

Stacked layers are the most impressive addition to spice up your stacked bob. What makes them so special is that they follow the pattern of the haircut, where each layer cascades down, getting longer at the front. Apart from giving tons of dynamic movement to the haircut, such layering also makes every layer super sharp and edgy. In fact, nothing can compare to such a duo.

Q: Is layered cut good for thin hair?

A: It’s not just good; it’s a real magic wand that breathes a new life into flat strands. When giving you layers, a hairstylist cuts off excess weight from the ends, thus making the texture of your hair more defined and voluminous.

Shaggy Bob

Shaggy Bob #thinhair #hairtypes

Credit photo:

A shag is another haircut that offers an endless variety of choices to fit all tastes and images. First, it was a crazy restless haircut popular with rockers, then it grew in popularity, learning how to adapt to any style and look. Today, shags can be customized in lots of ways to suit a woman’s individual features. This time, it’s a carefree shag with medium layers that give a soft frame at the front and burst of life throughout the hair.

Q: What is the best short haircut for thin hair?

A: While you are the one to decide which one is truly the best for you, a shag is something with which you can’t go wrong. Not only does it allow for unique customizations to suit your face but it also features layers that work on thin hair.

Asymmetrical Blonde Bob

Asymmetrical Blonde Bob

Credit photo:

Believe it or not, sometimes a bit of imbalance is what you’re missing on your way to creating a perfectly balanced look. When one side outweighs the other, the heavy portion works for a voluminous finish, while the shorter side gives a slight framing touch. To make this haircut reach its highest, try pairing it with a side part: it will enhance the charm of asymmetry.

This haircut is attention-grabbing and harmonic at the same time, so you can wear it both sleek and wavy; your hair won’t look flat anyway.

Asymmetrical Straight Pixie

Asymmetrical Straight Pixie #thinhair #hairtypes

Credit photo:

Who says that thin hair can’t look full and thick when it’s straight? This asymmetrical long pixie is here to dispel this ridiculous myth. On pixies, asymmetry helps to shape the haircut in detail, tailoring it to fit a woman’s features. As a result, you can get a long pixie with a hint of asymmetry, where the short sides seamlessly graduate into longer face-framing tresses.

Q: How can I hide my thinning hair?

A: As a matter of fact, there’s no better way to conceal thinning hair than to get a short haircut. Also, you should keep in mind the spot where your hair gets thinner. Usually, it becomes sparse at the hairline and parting line, so you can try a short asymmetric haircut with long front pieces.

Bowl Cut

Bowl Cut #thinhair #hairtypes

Credit photo:

The bowl cut you remember from your childhood has nothing to do with the trend that makes women go crazy these days! Yes, there were times when the all-over fringe cut would look ridiculous. But, it’s changed a lot. And it’s totally gorgeous! It can nicely blend with bobs and pixies, spicing them up with a pleasant framing touch.

Can you imagine how easy your styling routine would be once you went for this cut? All you need is to let your hair air dry, finishing it with a coat of texturizing spray. We bet there’s no need to tell you that layers are musts for this fab haircut.

Long Layered Wavy Hairstyle

Long Layered Wavy Hairstyle #thinhair #hairtypes

Credit photo:

You already know what wonders layers can work for thin hair. And the same goes for waves when it comes to hairstyles for thin hair. Now, you have probably guessed that combining these two details will help you to wash away all the traces of thin hair at once. Well, if so, you’re right. Still, there’s one more thing to pay attention to if you want this hair game to be really big. We’re talking about the right color combination.

Waves will make your hair appear denser, while layers will allow you to create more waves, thus adding a sense of dynamics. Then, once you intensify this play with rich highlighted brown color, you will see the layered wavy duo become dimensional.

Q: What color makes hair look thicker?

A: Pick shades that form a harmonic duo. Anything from lively balayage with lighter strands that seamlessly blend with your base to golden highlights over your dark primary would be a good choice.

Layered Short Blonde Bob

Layered Short Blonde Bob #thinhair #hairtypes

Credit photo:

Blonde layers that fall gently, yet sharply, who could ask for more? This idea is a perfect example of how a properly chosen color and texture can change a thin hair type for the better. Soft balayage that hits the top layers enhances their sharp edges, thus making every single strand defined and visible. As for the color, it features dark roots, which give a very dimensional look to the hair.

Q: Is it OK to color thinning hair?

A: Basically, coloring thinning hair is most likely to be safe rather than damaging. If you use high-quality dyes or find a good professional, you can even protect your hair from getting thinner. But, if you use bleach, it may be harmful to your locks.

Shoulder Length Hairstyles For Thin Hair

Credit photo:

Shoulder Length Hairstyles For Thin Hair Rose #thinhair #hairtypes

Credit photo:

Shoulder Length Hairstyles For Thin Hair Highlights #thinhair #hairtypes

Haircuts for thin hair are supposed to make it seem thicker and fuller. This look can be achieved if to add volume and, ideally, texture, too. There are many kinds of styling gel and mousse that bring texture to the ends and tresses.

Long Hairstyles For Thin Hair

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And certain kinds of haircuts, like layered haircuts, can naturally make your thinning hair more voluminous. Yes, natrally, even without any styling products. Therefore, the right haircut can really work wonders.

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Now we’d like to give you some tips on how to treat the hair that is thinning. First of all, mind what you eat. As you might notice, the proper diet can solve many problems in your life, including the ones related to your hair.

Must-Know Tips For Styling Thin Hair

Now that you’re inspired enough, it’s time to learn the basics of making your hair look and feel thicker.

  • Start With Clean, Conditioned Hair. The products you use during washing your hair play a crucial role in your styling routine. Also, make sure to work with super clean hair and that you’ve applied a softening, natural conditioner to make your hair more manageable and less frizzy.
  • Blow Dry Your Hair Upside Down. One of the easiest and most effective ways to provide your hair with a natural volume is to blow dry your locks upside down. It’s better to do that with a thickening mousse applied. Rough dry your hair with a nozzle, keeping it pointed down so that it will give you the desired volumetric and frizz-less effect.
  • Always Protect Your Hair. In order to avoid breakage, don’t disregard the role of heat protectants. Whether you’re working with a flat iron or with a blow dryer, you need to protect your hair from damage, which is essential for weak and thinning locks. Our advice is to either don’t use heat at all or to use the lowest heat setting.
  • Improve Your Updo. We all love wearing our hair down, yet you should know that wearing updos can be more beneficial when fighting with thin locks. With the right thickening and volumizing styling products such as a mousse or gel, and the proper styling, you can create a fuller effect, concealing the thin areas around the hairline and temples.
Incredibly Cool Hairstyles For Thin Hair Infographic

Each style of our today’s gallery is here to remind you that thin hair is definitely not a curse. You’ve just learned how you can put an end to flat looks, so you can stop complaining about them: it’s time to recreate our perfect ideas!

FAQ: Hairstyles for Thin Hair

Is shorter hair better for thin hair?

The missing volume can make the trendiest haircut look flat and unappealing. The case with fine hair is that the longer it gets, the more breakable it becomes. When the option for shorter cuts, you ensure that your hair undergoes less tension and retains its volume. Plus, careful layering can work miracles on thin hair. So, short haircuts are proved to be better for fine hair than longer ones.

What is the best haircut for thin hair?

Depending on your style and preferences, you can find a flattering style in almost every length. However, if you are interested in a universal length option, the experts have it that textured lobs of shoulder length tend to deal with the task the best.

How can I hide my scalp with thin hair?

As unnerving as dealing with hair loss is, so simple it can be to conquer it. All it takes is to consider either hair extension, wiglets, or toppers and you will have the matter under control. Also, if you have bald patched to work with, then the topper will help you cover the spot seamlessly and boost that volume up with the least effort.


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