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Stunning Ideas Of Summer Hairstyles For Your Inspiration

Our ideas for summer hairstyles are perfect for the warm season. It is extremely difficult to get a nice hairstyle at this time of year due to the high humidity. Summer weather is totally against our hair. It’s so irritating to wear bangs or deal with frizz. If this situation sounds like you, then you’ve come to the right place. Our ideas for cuts, updos and hairstyles will help you deal with this unfriendly climate. Get inspired!

Jenna Lu, professional hairstylist, says the top hairstyle/cut for 2021 is medium to long hair paired with feathered curtains and layers. Shorter layers come back in style because the messy, tousled look is easy to achieve on your own. Easy care hair is what people ask for when they come to the salon. She always suggests a balayage because it grows out softer. The term “balayage” is of French origin and means “to sweep”. Compared to traditional foils, the stylist applies the bleach to the hair by hand to give it a more organic and natural look.

Credit photos:

Medium blonde hair with curtain bangs
Long hair with soft balayage
Medium hair balayage with feathered curtain bangs
Layered long hair
Balayage and layers hair combo

As for colors, she notes that now people aren’t afraid to experiment with bolder colors. In all her 6 years behind the chair she has done the most Vivids from 2020-2021. Pink and purple were and still are the colors of choice, but she’s now also got people asking about blue and green, which is so much fun! Tik Tok definitely encouraged this. Many of her clients also give her full creative freedom to do anything and then she produces her greatest work. When their clients aren’t asking for balayages or vivids, they’re asking for ash browns. The earthy mushroom tone is also very popular right now. Ash brown complements many people’s skin tone, and it’s relatively easy to achieve and keep up with.

Credit photos:

Highlights with purple face front
Highlights with green face front
Blue and green colors for short hair
Purple highlights
Short purple hairstyle
Dark brown hair with highlights
Long brown hairstyle
Dark brown hair colors for long hair

Side braids for long hair

Source: kenraprofessional via Instagram, Brookenashhh via Instagram

Side braids for long hair pull-through braid #longhair #braids
Side braids for long hair pic 3

As for hairstyles for long hair, There are many opportunities. Braids are the best answer for this weather. There are two tricks to keep it from getting very boring. First, opt for side braids. Second, pull out a strand from the other side for balance.

Summery wavy hairstyles

Source: Salsalhair via Instagram

Summery wavy hairstyles

As for Hairstyles for medium hair, waves and curls would be perfect. Of course we are not talking about the smooth version. The undone effect is what we need. To achieve this, use a medium-sized curling iron and curl random sections all over the head.

Naturally wavy hairstyles for your vacation

Source: Anajohnson___ via Instagram

Naturally wavy hairstyles for your holiday pic 1

We have a great life hack. If your hair is naturally wavy, stop using a hair dryer. Allow your hair to air dry. You will get amazing beach waves with no effort. Use hair oil on the roots to avoid frizzy hair. Add some curls with a curling iron.

Easy updos for hot weather

Source: Inspobyelvirall via Instagram, Barefootblondehair via Instagram, Sass.and.braids via Instagram

Easy updos for hot weather pic 1
Easy updos for hot weather pic 2
Easy updos for hot weather pic 3

Updo hairstyles can become your lifesaver in this hot weather. They are not only comfortable to wear, but also chic. They also go with all your summer outfits. You can make it as high or as low as you like, but the key is that it looks undone. Use a serum beforehand to tame your frizz.

Braided summer hairstyles

Source: Hairbyjaxx via Instagram, Jaykaybraids via Instagram, Barefootblondehair via Instagram

Braided summer hairstyles pic 1
Braided summer hairstyles pic 2
Braided summer hairstyles pic 3

High braids are perfect for summer. In fact, they are also one of the best spring hairstyles. The main thing is not to make it too tight. Also, don’t forget to tease the roots and unbraided ends for added volume or you’ll look like a schoolgirl. The braid should be loose and not silky.

Braided Half Up Half Down Hairstyles

Source: Mrtndamex via Instagram, Michaelgrayhair via Instagram, Rachelbriannehair via Instagram

Braided Half Up Half Down Hairstyles Image 1
Braided Half Up Half Down Hairstyles Image 2
Braided Half Up Half Down Hairstyles Pic 3

Especially in summer, wavy hair always looks playful. Add small braids on the side or in the middle to make the hairstyle fresher.

Summer hairstyles with flowers

Source: Inspobyelvirall via Instagram, Michaelgrayhair via Instagram

Summer hairstyles with floral image 1
Summer hairstyles with flowers pic 2

To look like a real princess, add some little flowers to your style.

FAQ: Summer hairstyles

How do I wear my hair in summer?

Put your hair in a high ponytail, braid it straight back and secure it. If you want to give your hair a sleek, clean look, use hairspray. Blake Lively, for example, doesn’t let stray strands get in the way.
Pull the top layers of hair back with bobby pins to accentuate the beachy waves.

Is long hair good in summer?

High temperatures and humidity can make your stunningly long hair feel like a burden on a hot summer day. The good news is that there are plenty of attractive hairstyles that will fit your hair length perfectly and keep you cool and effortlessly chic.

How to deal with long hair in summer?

To take the volume down, have your barber leave the length but cut long layers at the back and front. Your haircut is crucial. Any style you choose will be hampered if you don’t have the right cut.

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