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What Are Tree Braids And Different Ways To Wear The Hairstyle

If you want to protect your natural hair while flaunting a trendy hairstyle, you can hardly think of a better option than tree braids. The style is based on installing extensions in cornrow braids. It is less time consuming than other types of braiding and maintenance is relatively easy as well. However, the number of styles you can create using tree cornrow braids is almost limitless. So that you can get the look without much effort, we have prepared this informative guide that not only contains detailed instructions on the look, but also the best inspiration ideas.

What are tree braids?

What are tree braids?

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But first, let’s define what tree braids are. This is a type of protective hairstyle that combines braided and loose hair into one look. A by-product of cornrows, it is also often referred to as an invisible tree braid because the braided portion goes unnoticed. All you can see are the extension hairs falling down your head. But you can also achieve the desired result with other braiding techniques such as twists or box braids. The main benefit of tree braid hairstyles is reduced installation time and versatility. Because the extension hair falls freely, you can style it in a variety of ways.

Tree braids step by step

To create a tree braid hairstyle, you will need several packs of braiding hair. You will attach it to cornrow braids and leave part of the section intact. So, here’s how to do it:

Tree braids step by step

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  1. Prepare your hair. Divide your mane into sections along the head. Separate a piece of braided hair.

  2. When you start braiding, feed braiding hair every time you make a stitch. This way you can achieve the look you want.

  3. When cornrows, leave out narrow braiding hair. However, as you get closer to the low end, there’s no need to add any more extensions. You achieve the effect of tree braids by pulling out the strands that have already been woven in. This way you avoid an overthickness of the braid.

  4. Once you reach the hairline, secure the braid with a rubber band or pin.

Pros and cons of tree braids

Before going for Beyonce Sports tree braids you need to weigh all the pros and cons which you can find below:


  • There is no need to sew in extension hair or create hair tracks to achieve the appropriate look.

  • Tree braids require less installation time (between three and six hours) compared to micro braids, crochet braids, or box braids.

  • You don’t have to use any chemicals on the hair.

  • Both synthetic and human hair are equally suitable for the look.

  • The hairstyle is extremely versatile.

  • They last a long time (between four and six weeks) and protect your natural hair over this period.


  • A tree braid hairstyle is more time consuming compared to weaving.

  • You may need to enlist the help of a professional as the braiding technique is quite difficult to do on your own.

  • If you don’t install or care for tree cornrows properly, your locks may chip, fall out, or become brittle.

  • The hairstyle can be a little difficult to clean, resulting in tangled strands, damaged curls, or debris on the scalp.

Top Tree Braids Hairstyles

If you’re looking for a new hair color for dark skin, maybe it makes sense to try a new hairstyle first? Therefore, there is a wide range of tree braids to suit all tastes, from minimalistic single tree braids to bold and quirky cornrows with intricate patterns. When choosing your best style, consider how long you want it to last, what ambience you want it to fit in, and how much time you want to spend styling your tresses. To help you find the look that suits your likes and needs, we’ve curated the most beautiful tree braid styles.

Top Tree Braids Hairstyles

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We have selected the most beautiful tree braid styles.

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How long do tree braids last?

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As you can see, tree braids offer you a lot of versatility in terms of styling. You can wear them short, medium or long, curly, wavy or straight. Put your hair up in an updo or let it fall freely, depending on your mood and situation. And with our guide, you should be able to keep your braids looking flawless every time.


Are tree braids versatile?

Tree cornrow braids are extremely versatile. They come in many variations to suit all needs and tastes. There is straight, wavy and curly tree braid style, short and long, simple and artful. You can turn it into an updo or get a bob. The range of options is endless.

How long do tree braids last?

The longevity of the tree weave style depends on several factors, with proper care and your activity level contributing the most. On average, tree cornrow braids last five to six weeks.

Who are tree braids suitable for?

If you have coarse hair that ranges from Type 3A to Type 4C, then a tree braid style will most likely suit you. Plus, it works just as well on relaxed and natural curls or those in transition. However, if your scalp is too sensitive, you may need to consult the braider. They can recommend you something more delicate.


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